Aykhan for DNA

Aykhan Shinzhin is a famous Russian dancer, designer and artist. He has appeared on stage, on TV, and in music videos. He is also a visual artist who paints, sews and creates pieces for his own clothing label, NIHZNIHS.

“Aykhan was born in Altai, in southern Siberia”, says photographer, Serge Lee. “His days are filled with rehearsals and performances but he also finds time to pose naked in front of the camera.”

Serge and Aykhan have been collaborating for many years. “He’s done a ton artistic nude photoshoots but he is still a little shy – but that turns to excitement when the creative process is hot.”

In these images, Serge and Aykhan capture the sweat and dust of the rehearsal studio.

— Extra images —

Dancer Aykhan Shinzhin photographed by Serge Lee