Julien Lacroix

New Shots by Serge Lee with Fashion Model Julien exclusive in Fashionably Male.

A reunion of photographer Serge Lee and stylist by Kai Waterton in New York City, while Serge was there making more snaps on his portfolio.

We’ve known Julien Lacroix from a intimate hot session by NYC based photographer Karl Simone.

Julien is a vegan model based in the Big Apple, he has 21K and he’s represented by Book Management.

For the next material you’re about to see. Julien is wearing a free sporty chic outfits.

The next trips for Serge
Now that he’s been back and forth from Moscow and New York City, he will be in Seoul for the end of the month and then he goes to Tokyo and finally he’s going to Malaga, Spain.

I hope he can add more work here with us. Stay tuned.

The shooting happened at Starr Street Studios where the idea of having together Serge and Kai is crunk!

When we published Julien in 2017, he barely has a few Tatts, now he’s adding some more inks on his body. But he’s still looking gorgeous.

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Photographer Serge Lee @sergeleephoto
Model Julien Lacroix @happyboyjulien
Stylist Kai Waterton @according2kai