Hi Andrew!

I will need the high res of these three images…

Ok, let’s put pics in order:

MAIN portfolio, 10 images: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/iha15hvl9axj3ddoegfbg/h?rlkey=4ddks7ibaohkwtrpbjqhfat3q&dl=0
EXTRA portfolio, 57 images: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/pi1imgxxo8gkh92dptfmb/h?rlkey=f7btsuyhtj4836zxk5u93xxlj&dl=0

All in Hi Res 😉

Can you please write the captions for each of the final images? The model’s name, the location if you think it’s interesting, the date and perhaps one short sentence about the shoot if you like.  


Lelik, Moscow, 2022

«This is my last shoot with Lelik before my leaving Russia… I hope fate will give us more than one chance to work together again!»


Dmitry Tumash, Marbella, 2017

«It was great time that we spent in Spain with Ukrainian male model Dmitry. We got a lot of great pictures for DNA cover shoot and also had much fun!»


Stepan, Katerina and Konstantin, Moscow, 2018

«It was a two-day photo shoot for Katerina Vanhanen’s official calendar, during which we captured enough hot shots to last for decades to come! By the way, photographing of several naked people is one of my fav theme!»


Aykhan, Moscow, 2021

«Usually, me and Aykhan do not one theme when we meet for shooting. It always comes with two-three-four separate conceptions by the end. That day we did three different shoots within one shooting day, and they all were great!»


Dorian, Moscow, 2020

«Dorian came to my home studio for two days and we did something about eight concepts for this time. Dorian is very bold, strong and sexy male model who can gives to a photographer a full freedom of creating nude photography»


Slava, Moscow, 2022

«This was the kind of shooting that is done in a relaxed home environment, without haste and very friendly»


Vlad Parker, Saint Petersburg, 2018

«This was our first shooting meeting with Vlad, after which we worked together very fruitfully for another three years»


Konstantin Kamynin, Brienno, 2019

«And this is one of those shots that happen by chance and captivate you at first sight. Konstantin simply looked out of the room onto the terrace where I was with the camera… Also it was such a lovely week spent in Italy during shooting Konstantin’s official calendar»


Stepan, Moscow, 2015

«For seven years I have my project “Russian Gods”, and this was our first shoot with Stepan for this project. Having shot the main part, we decided to do another concept with wet fabric. And we didn’t regret it!»


Konstantin Kostyn, Bali, 2022

«It so happened that Konstantin and I ended up at the same time and in the same place – in Bali on New Year’s Eve 2023. Of course, we didn’t miss this opportunity to once again do a hot photo shoot against the backdrop of picturesque Bali!»

Torsten has sent the interview questions! 

Yes, I’m working on it! 😉

Slava for cover – yes, if you have extra images from that shoot I would love to see them. We have previously used ThePack images but it was a while ago and we can use some we haven’t used yet. But more would be great!

As I said I have unpublished series from bathroom with him, and they are unpublished, exclusive! And their Hi Reses are here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/xs0qlc3lrvq49hh9vr0ys/h?rlkey=d9dlccduqo0o6eo393t70c3wa&dl=0

I guess you can place that shot in blue swimwear on cover and this series inside as a cover story, what do you think about this way? 😉

Andrew, let me know! 😉


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Does my portfolio come with my interview together? Won’t it look like Stas’s interview (I mean layout like this)? 🥹 I’ve dreamed about this kind of my interview)))