Welcome to the page describing the terms and conditions of TFP (Wikipedia article) shooting with Serge Lee photography!

  • On all creative (=free) shoots I take from the model a signed agreement for adults, which reserves all rights to the received images and their further distribution on photostocks like Shutterstock, DepositPhotos, Adobe Stock and others.
  • As part of creative shooting, I try to bring to life my unrealized ideas or shoot something special for a particular magazine/blog/project. If my ideas only partially match yours, or you want something different, then there are two options:
    • to do not TFP based shoot or
    • to make a shooting in two parts, in one of which we will realize your desires, in the second – mine.
  • The model pays for the rent of the studio (or finds another place for shooting). If the model does not have this opportunity, the shooting takes place in my home studio (if it is suitable enough to realize the idea of a photoset) or somewhere else.
  • I DO NOT give out the source images! The model receives only the final, finished product – images with color correction, retouching and all other necessary post-production.
  • The deadlines for the completion of photos from creative shootings are not regulated in any way and depend directly on my workload with commercial shootings. All TFP projects I do in my spare time from commerce. If you need an urgent photo, I recommend contacting someone else. Or just pay me 🙂
  • All creative shootings are carried out by mutual desire and mutual interest. If at the stage of negotiations something does not suit me or the model, then, most likely, it is better to postpone our cooperation or refuse it altogether.